On - board manipulator system (OBMS) of orbital spaceship (OS) OBMS is installed in OS and is intended to carry out the following operations on Earth artificial satellite orbit:

OBMS carries out various transport and contact operations over the space objects in accordance with cosmonaut-opera- tor's commands or instructions of Flight Control Centre operator. OBMS consists of two identical manipulators with 6 joints (6 degrees of freedom) and manipulator gripping device (MGD) providing a rigid contact with a payload.


MGD movement speed, m/sec without payload - up to  0.4
                          with payload    - up to 0.04
Static force developed by manipulator, kg not less than 4.5
Static MGD positioning error, mm          +-90
Mass, kg                              OBMS -  912.5
                               manipulator - 360
OBMS control modes:
   automatical:   provides movement trajectory calculation
                   and  MGD leading out to the predetermined
                   point of  space  with  the  predetermined
   manual: provides manipulator control via two joy-sticks;
   command:  provides on-off control of each  manipulator
               joint separately.

Design status: pilot sample.