Main Navy Parade Parade of warshirs
Last Sunday (July 28) the main Navy parade dedicated to 300-th anniversary of Russian Navy took place.

It was the first celebrating of the event in a three hundred years. Parade in 1796 did not take place due to the death of emperor Yecaterina and there were no funds for celebrating in 1896.

Sixteen of Russian Navy ships and ten ships from the largest sea countries were standing on the waters of river Neva. Three helicopters MI-8 carrying flags of Russia, Navy and Air Forces opened the holiday. Aircrafts followed the helicopters and large and very large followed the aircrafts. "Ruslan" - AN-124 - the largest military aircraft in the world participated in the show.

There were fountains from the fire-ships and troops landing to the beach near Petropavlovskaja fortress. Tonight there was a night show having Neptune, imps, mirmades and so on at the Neva. Many torches fired at the perimeter of the fortress, Rostral Columns also have been lighting.

The celebration was finished with the great salute on 10 p.m. and thousands fire missiles launched from the ships.

Air Force Show
Guests of the celebration
Shapshots from the celebration