In October of 1996 Russia will mark the three hundredth anniversary of its Navy and one of the stellar events in its history.

Visitors from every country in the world will come to St.Petersburg for the celebration of this anniversary. The main event will be the international naval festival "Flags of all Nations" and will extend from July 13 to July 28. An historic naval parade of international ships will inaugurate the festivities, and the concluding event will be the naval parade of Russia's chief maritime vessels. The Netherlands will mark the 300th anniversary of its embassy in Russia. Sails will be hoisted in celebration of the International Cutty Sark Regatta on July 18.

The different sections of the Russian Pavilion at INTERNET'96 represent the information data banks under the following topics of the historical, business, and cultural life of St. Petersburg:

  1. St. Petersburg - the capital of Russian Fleet.(historical summary)
  2. St. Petersburg at night
  3. St. Petersburg at day
  4. St. Petersburg - a world center of education
  5. St. Petersburg Emblem (historical summary)
  6. St. Petersburg - a world center of culture
    Cultural centers
  7. St. Petersburg - Russia's center for tourists of the world
    Useful information
    Hotels of St.Petersburg
  8. Traditional festivals and celebrations
  9. A look at the people who run the governments of Russia and St.Petersburg
  10. The "pearl necklace" of palaces: Petrodvoryets, Kronstadt, Lomonosov, Pushkin, Gatchina, Vyborg, Schluesselburg Fortress, Kizhi and Valaam.