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RUSnet - the acronim of Regional University and Science Network and the name of research project sponsored by Russian Federation State Committee for High Education and Ministry of Science and Technical Policy. The first stage of the network at Saint-Petersburg is currently being realized by STUSP - State Technical University of St.Petersburg, SSC IRTC - Institute of Robotics an d Technical Cybernetics jointly with the leading provider of electric power and data communication facilities - LENENERGO Inc. RUSnet as a network provides a communication and information service for Research and High Education community at North-Western region of Russia and Saint-Petersburg.

The main objectives of RUSnet as a project are:

  • to establish high-speed network testbed for the new multimedia applications;
  • to found the training center for specialists in the modern network technology;
  • to start the research in protocol implementation and traffic management;
  • to implement the Telenetics approach to creat the new Intelligent Information Infrastructure at Saint-Petersburg.
The distinctiv feature of RUSnet is that its implementing did start from the creation of the fiber-optic channel infrastructure. The RUSnet is supposed to be implemented in three stages. The first stage should result in working FDDI backbone in Saint-Petersburg connected to Internet. This stage has already implemented and 20 km single mode FDDI metro backbone is up and running. Th e second stage includes the development of backbone infrastructure technical base and improving of the international cooperation. At the third stage, side by side with the future regional network development, we intend to migrate to ATM - most actively re searched network technology in the world.