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As a naval historian, I strongly encourage your efforts to promote the little-known history of the Russian navy, particularly in the period of the age of sail, which was the Russian navy's heyday.

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are there any scale models for sale? if so please send details including price in us dollars. thank you.

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Very Informative. I love history and am quite interested in Russian Naval History. Your pages did a lot toward meeting my interest.

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Wonderful! I loved touring your site! I especially liked the historic information. I have written several historic novels about life in 18th century St. Petersburg, and look forward to visiting your site as a source for additional background information. Thank You!

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Excellent Web Page-Very informative.

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Very good, looks good and interesting material.

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interesting, good looking

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Me gusta,pero desearia algunos textos en idioma ruso.

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Hello.My name is Yuri Yokoyama.I am a university student.I am a freshman. I accessed Russia the other day. I am interested in an army because we do not have an army.So Iwant to know about an army. First,congratulations"300th anniversary of Russin Navy". This site is abundant in informations of Russian Navy. I was surprised at length of Russian Navy's history.("chronology" "Hitory of Russian Navy") "Russian admirals" is easy to see. I think activities of Russian Navy is great! I am sorry if you hard to read this writting. Bye bye.

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Hello!! I am a Russian military collector and I would like to "link up" with Russian collectors or other military personnel in Russia.I like "all things Russian". Am interested in collecting items about Russian nuclear submarines--de sk ornaments, banners, metal scale models, etc. I will answer all e-mails.I look forward to hearing from you . Best regards, Paul Jardell USA

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This Web site is very helpful to me. I have to do a research paper on the Russian Navy for my Pre-Modern Russian History Class.