August 1997

Date of the visit is Fri Aug 1 12:02:52 1997
I find these pages very informative and interesting. Since i live in a neighbour country i find it interesting to learn about our neighbour countries in all aspects. I have to congratulate to a very good site. It's easy to navigate and the design is very nice. Regards Peter Menzel

Date of the visit is Mon Aug 4 20:07:33 1997 Comments:
HE! Sivut ovat mielenkiintoiset. Haluaisin tietää 1. maailmansodan aikaisista aluksista. Minkälaiset niissä olivat palvelusolo- suhteet, hygienia, kuri, terveydenhoito jne. Lisäksi haluai- sin tietää vuoden 1917 tapahtumista laivastossa.

Date of the visit is Mon Aug 11 14:13:23 1997 Comments:
Very interesting. I am researching persons on Russia Postage stamps up to 1960. The information found at this site will be very helpful. I have not had time to get into all of it yet, but will be back. Thank you for the effort and time you have expen ded.

Date of the visit is Wed Aug 20 10:48:52 1997 Comments:
Very nice and informative site. Thanks so much for the interesting historical information. Keep up the good work, ladies and gentlemen.

Date of the visit is Sat Aug 23 03:54:25 1997 Comments: