July 1997

Date of the visit is Fri Jul 4 02:17:31 1997
Super site, one of the best--really enjoyed it. Very educational and interesting. I surf the web for military history sites and yours is one of the best. One about the Russian army would be fun!

Date of the visit is Sun Jul 6 20:24:14 1997 Comments:
I wonder, if Russian Navy is using the Flag of St.Andrews as the battle flag again. Could someone tell me about it?

Date of the visit is Sat Jul 12 12:57:35 1997 Comments:

Date of the visit is Tue Jul 15 08:02:39 1997 Comments:
That's really wonderful!!! Spasibo!

Date of the visit is Fri Jul 18 04:13:29 1997 Comments:
Do you have any information on the armaments of the Russian sailing warships from 1740-1815? I have designed a game and I would like to have the most accurate data on the Russian navy. Also, are there any more pictures available of Russian sailing warships? I like your page, please add more!

Date of the visit is Tue Jul 22 06:43:05 1997 Comments:
You have made a great job for Russia! Keep up working. I am glad I found this site.

Date of the visit is Tue Jul 22 17:16:37 1997 Comments:
Your web is wonderful. I like it very much because I am very interested about the Russian Navy. I shall visit you again and again. Hope to find a place where it is possible to buy a badge of the russian navy

Date of the visit is Sat Jul 26 13:37:19 1997 Comments:
An excellent and informative site, other "navies" should take note. Would be interesting to have some infomation on the building of replica of the Shtandart.