June 1997

Date of the visit is Sun Jun 1 23:22:05 1997
Very good! Hopefully there will be more pictures of great Russian ships.

Date of the visit is Mon Jun 2 21:06:06 1997 Comments:
Enjoyed the site very much, learned a lot about your navy which, as an old sailor myself, I greatly enjoyed.

Date of the visit is Wed Jun 4 11:49:35 1997 Comments:
Great web site,I'm interested in Russian warships 1860's to the 1920 period.

Date of the visit is Thu Jun 5 13:37:38 1997 Comments:
Good Job!!! Do Svidania . P.s.: Where I can buy the book ?

Date of the visit is Mon Jun 9 07:26:02 1997 Comments:
love the pictures to my mind the russian(soviet) fleet always had the most handsome ships afloat

Date of the visit is Sat Jun 14 03:48:24 1997 Comments:
You have an excellent site containing much about Russian Naval history that is not readily available in the West. However, some of the English presentation could use some additional editing. While your English writing is in general v ery good, the phrasing is some what awkward in places. For example from your chronology: Seizing Viborg. Admiral-General Fedor Apraksin got the first order of St. Apostole Andrei Pervozvanny. would be better written: Admiral-General Fedor Apraksin was awarded the first order of St. Apostole Andrei Pervozvanny for seizing Viborg.

Date of the visit is Tue Jun 17 17:47:27 1997 Comments:
No comments.

Date of the visit is Tue Jun 17 17:58:40 1997 Comments:
A very interesting page.

Date of the visit is Sat Jun 21 23:59:27 1997 Comments:
The Navy is great, I spent several years in the American Navy on a Submarine Tender However I am looking for Model kits for commercial ships. I used to represent Baltic Shipping before they had their troubles, and would like very much to build an "ASTRAKHAN" type model.

Date of the visit is Sun Jun 22 06:44:59 1997 Comments:
It is very interesting for me .

Date of the visit is Mon Jun 23 11:04:33 1997 Comments:
Enjoyed the visit. Found you by accident on the Internet. The Admirals list and photos only went up to the late 1800's. You should use more photos of crew members and "people". Makes it more interesting and alive. But, all in all it was very nice. Very proud Naval History. Congratulations and best wishes from America.

Date of the visit is Sun Jun 29 05:49:48 1997 Comments:
Thanks for providing this page. I make ship models as a hobby, and I am especially interested in the Russo-Japanese War era. The Russian Pacific Fleet, and especially Admiral Makarov, were valiant and deserved better.

Date of the visit is Mon Jun 30 18:40:15 1997 Comments:
I like it. I want mor information about the cruiser Aurora, both at Tushima and the Revolution especialy the colors of the ship and the flags flown. Also am looking for color info and history fo the Battleship Potyomkin. I nave 1/400 scale Russian kits of each, translation of instrustions was lacking this info. i would be very proud to add these two historical ships to my collection, but I would like them to be true, not just gray plastic or a wild guess.