May 1997

Date of the visit is Thu May 8 15:44:59 1997
A fine web page on the Russian Navy.

Date of the visit is Sun May 11 02:54:30 1997 Comments:
Great - could do with some better action shots of subs/ships

Date of the visit is Sun May 11 21:56:12 1997 Comments:
Congratulations! Being of Russian descent, I especially enjoyed your historical accounts of the Navy. I understand that three Russian Naval vessels were the first rescuers of the survivors of the earthquake in Messina(1908 ). I would be interested in finding out the names of the cadets that participated in that mission. Can you point me in the right direc tion. Thanks!

Date of the visit is Sun May 18 10:31:55 1997 Comments:
Most Impressive site about a city I have grown to love

Date of the visit is Tue May 20 06:39:42 1997 Comments:
Menia interesuut shertegi dly postroyki modeley: flagman " Dvenadsat Apostolov" brig " Mercury" lincor " Sv. Petr i Pavel" pogaluysta pomogite!