Records for 1998 August

Date of the visit is Tue Aug 4 15:55:52 1998 Comments:
All OK!!

Date of the visit is Wed Aug 12 19:30:45 1998 Comments:
Excellent site,especially the history of the Imperial Navy. One question;did the Navy have chaplains on thier ships and do they have them now? Also, was ther ever a grog ration for the crew? Thanks again for a great site!

Date of the visit is Thu Aug 13 11:09:09 1998 Comments:
Very good.

Date of the visit is Sat Aug 22 10:39:41 1998 Comments:
Уважаемые господа ! Приглашаем посмотреть нашу страницу Возможны поставки подшипников и другого промышленного оборудования в Санкт-Петербурге, в том числе с бартерным расчётом.

Date of the visit is Fri Aug 28 14:09:50 1998 Comments:
Nice design. As for some of the contents. The History of the Russian Navy is partly a fairy-tale. The 'Rus' were Scandinavian Vikings and nothing else - I suggest you study Nestor's Chronicles. As for the battle off Hangцudd (Gangut). Seven Swedish ships under Captain Ehrenskiцld resisted a 99-ship galley fleet for one day inflicting 50% losses on the enemy and forcing them to, however temporarily, abort the attack on Еbo. "Poltava of the Seas"? Hardly. Even the AC/DC emperor of Russia at the time acknowledged the skills of Ehrenskiцld. Hogland 1790. Swedish losses were hardly more than approximately 2-300 sailors. As always, Swedish inaptitude helped the Russians. The Swedish fleet were winning when they ran out of ammunition. Viborg 1790 was hardly a "Baltic Trafalgar" since the Swedish Fleet escaped from a precarious situation enabling them to annihilate the Russian galley fleet at Svensksund shortly afterwards. The Russian losses at Svensksund are amongst the highest in Maritime history altogether. Skip the fairytales and try to promote accurate historical facts instead. Best Regards Claes Hansen