Records for 1998 December

Date of the visit is Mon Dec 7 02:41:30 1998 Comments:
Good site ! I am always interested in things Russian. I have had many Russian speaking children attend my summer camp in the U.S. One of my partners is Ed Schlothauer formerly of IEC in Riga, who now lives in Georgia in the U.S.

Date of the visit is Sat Dec 12 10:03:00 1998 Comments:
if you can put some writing of your warships . like battleships what happen to them . i like to know about ships from peter the great to todays thanks

Date of the visit is Tue Dec 15 14:19:59 1998 Comments:
Nice website! I need the assistance of any interrested party in determining the mailing address of "Anatoly Yefimovich Preminin " who lived in Skornyakovo in 1986.- and I need to verify that his son "Sergei A. Preminin" died on or about October 3, 1986 while heroicly forcing down the quench baffles on the nuclear reactors aboard the damaged NAVAGA class submarine (Yankee 1) project- 667 K-219, thus saving the lives of most of his shipmates and the lives of many if not most Americans living along the east coast of the US. Any information will be greatly appreciated and will be used for bettering the relations between our people . Sincerely, D. Adams

Date of the visit is Tue Dec 15 19:10:10 1998 Comments:
I am curious; whatever happened to the Potempkin? Please respond at your own leisure. Keep up the good work! Tod Smith.

Date of the visit is Tue Dec 22 16:42:42 1998 Comments:
Довольно интересная страничка. Спасибо, мне понравилось.