February 1998

Date of the visit is Mon Feb 2 11:54:01 1998 Comments:
It's very good.

Date of the visit is Tue Feb 3 02:21:14 1998
Very nice pictures and historical information ! Thanks for your well done job.

Date of the visit is Tue Feb 3 20:40:56 1998 Comments:
Dear Sir Do u provide internet access for those people living in ST. Petersburg. It is because I will go there working in the coming summer. I would like to get an internet access as before. Please answer if possible. THANKS Kenny

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Thanks for giving me information on the history of the Russian navy. It has definitaely improved the ssv of my presentation.

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Hello St. Petersburg! Its good to see, that our big easteuropean neighbour is ready for the Web. Your site is clear, fast and very well designed. Keep up your good Work!

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This is very informitive. I surfed into her to see where Maria Volhonskaya is going to school at and check it out.

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Thank You for your time and effort.

Date of the visit is Sun Feb 8 12:54:17 1998 Comments:
I have a question. If anyone can tell me the unit history and a description of the uniforms of a Russian infantry unit during the Napoleonic Wars. The unit was called: Guard Battalion Grand Duchess Catherine Pavlovna or the Battalion of Grand Princess Catharina ( these are the two English translations I have found ). The unit was present at the Battle of Leipzig in the 1st Corps, 5th Inf. Division, in the Brigade commanded by the Generalmajor Prince of Siberia. Any hellp would be appreicated. Thank You.

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Всем привет! Нармальный сервер. Спасибо за внимание!

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Let's go to Irak!!!! now!!! Saddam is a Killer!!!!!!!!

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Very interesting and well composed for us with a great interest about naval history

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An extremely well done sight - I look foward to anything you may add in the future.

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I like to learn about navies of the World, and I found that this one is very informative.

Date of the visit is Fri Feb 27 21:23:48 1998 Comments:
Very nicely done! I appreciate your efforts to share this information. May I suggest two things? First, it would be nice to include a picture of "Aurora", since this is the only pre-dreadnought era cuiser in existance, except for "USS Olympia". It is therefore an extremely imprtant vessel historically, not to mention that it participated in some very historic events. Second, could you include some information about the Baltic and Black Sea dreadnought fleets? I have a real liking for these vessels, which were also important historically. They represented a design that Gen. Cuniberti's outline, and therefore represent the most pioneering layout of the "all big gun" ship-of-the-line. Also, they played key parts in naval action history, like the engagement between the "Imperatritsa Marie" and the "Goeben" in the Black Sea and the "Gangut" (I think) as the floating battery in the WW2 defence of Leningrad/St. Petersburg. Please don't take these suggestions as complaits, I really enjoyed your pages.

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