January 1998

Date of the visit is Mon Jan 5 23:05:01 1998
Urgent !!! Dear madam, sir, I send you this message because I have no alternative way. I often send email to rivera@phsc9.stu.neva.ru. This because we both study a the univerity of twente. (Twente school of management) The last mail I have send was about a assingment on organisation management. After this all emailadresses stu.neva.ru were blocked because of spamming. I have not send a spam. The only reason I can think of is: The mail I send was a concept for a paper on organisation management and there were a lot of references in it on my firm Nefit Fasto BV. The reason for this was because this was the research assingment. I have acted proper and I certainly not send a spam. I have you can restore the email contact, and this is urgent because we are in the middle of a assingment and we need to finish a paper and fort this we need frequent email contact. Please contact me if you need additional information. with kind regards, J.R.Slootweg Manager controls department Nefit Fasto BV

Date of the visit is Tue Jan 6 21:53:59 1998 Comments:
So, I just want be your client!!! And I want know your price for your. Thank you.

Date of the visit is Sat Jan 10 06:40:21 1998 Comments:
Nothing yet. I just got into it. But it looks interesting. I hope to find more Russian sites.

Date of the visit is Sun Jan 11 09:08:28 1998 Comments:
Прекрасно смотрится и масса информации! Спасибо!

Date of the visit is Sun Jan 11 20:28:56 1998 Comments:
I am doing a resarch paper on the formation of the Russian Navy. I am desperate for some more information, if you have any you could send me via email it would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you in advance. Great web-site!

Date of the visit is Wed Jan 14 02:18:19 1998 Comments:
Good Web

Date of the visit is Wed Jan 14 18:52:27 1998 Comments:
Dear sir i can only say that that you have a nice website. but i find your site looking for history on internet, and to my surprise i find pages about russian history and become even more surprised about all the lies in your history about events, i thougt that lies was something related to former soviet state. but it dont look like that you are still telling lies about past and if you not change your behavor i think you are lost for ever

Date of the visit is Thu Jan 15 03:55:39 1998 Comments:
As a former Quartermaster in the U.S. submarine service, during the so called "Cold War" . I am amazed to be leaving a message on the Russian Navy website. We were occaisionally on opisite sides of the periscope, but we always remembered. Our homes were in opposing countries but we were all citizins of the sea. Fair seas, and following winds.

Date of the visit is Thu Jan 15 23:28:07 1998 Comments:
From A. Kopilov Naval web page

Date of the visit is Fri Jan 16 18:34:44 1998 Comments:
I have found this web sight very interesting. I plan to do my advance degree work on Soviet/Russian History. I feel as a historian that more should be learned about Russian History because this will benefit every person. I heard about this web server from my Russian Culture and Civilization Class at Penn State University.

Date of the visit is Tue Jan 20 23:22:00 1998 Comments:
to: Vasily Semyonovski You have asnwered my last questbook entry by mail. I explained that a have problems reaching rivera@phsc9.stu.neva.ru. I was excluded because of "spamming" which I did not do. You have mailed me that you would try to solve te problem last week. today: 20-01-1998 I have tried again but I still get a fatal error. Can you please help me with this problem because it is very urgent. If you know smebopy I caold phone or mail please let me know. Please remeber that I can not mail to all neva.ru adresses because I am blocked. That is also the reason I can not mail to webmaster@neva.ru. I hope you can help me. With kind regards J.R.Slootweg PS My full mail adress is: ppp:k.slootweg@nefit-fasto@mail.nedernet.nl If you need any additional information please let me know

Date of the visit is Wed Jan 21 07:52:33 1998 Comments:
Great page!

Date of the visit is Wed Jan 21 13:57:35 1998 Comments:
Ну просто сплошной ундер констракшн!

Date of the visit is Fri Jan 23 13:34:35 1998 Comments:
Hi frends ! That is seems good , but whu I saw so many replys ! Why do't you uses midi and vaws files ? I think that you can make big html page there are many places for good ways to good pages in the world ! Is there interactive maps of sity ? I do't find it ! please go to www.tribal.com

Date of the visit is Sat Jan 24 18:38:36 1998 Comments:
I would like to see more pictures of Soviet submarines built during the existence of the USSR.

Date of the visit is Mon Jan 26 10:55:42 1998 Comments:
Наше первое письмо! Школа 667 подключилась к Internet с15.01.98 года. С уважением .Учителя и ученики.

Date of the visit is Thu Jan 29 02:55:44 1998 Comments:
Я учусь в Политехе на ФЭМ, 1 курс, 1074/2 Нет ли возможности получить через вас Интернет подешевле, или хотя-бы E-Mail без оплаты траффика ? Заранее благодарен, Alexander

Date of the visit is Sat Jan 31 16:05:41 1998 Comments:
Very interesting site, even for someone without previous knowledge of the Russian Navy. I especially enjoyed the background information on the Andreevsky Flag. Good work, and best wishes to everyone involved in this site.

Date of the visit is Sat Jan 31 21:53:30 1998 Comments:
Found it browsing for information to assist with my graduate study on the Imperial Russian Navy, esp. during the Petrine period and the reign of Catherine II.