Records for 1998 June

Date of the visit is Mon Jun 8 10:47:46 1998 Comments:
All OK and very good!!!

Date of the visit is Wed Jun 10 18:46:47 1998 Comments:
I had someone from your server visit the Fossils website. Thank you for the visit

Date of the visit is Fri Jun 12 10:29:50 1998 Comments:
When my family visited St.Petersberg in 1994, fortunately we had chance to see the Russian Navy Parade in the Neva. We also visited the museum of Russian Navy there. That was very impressive thing to my family. By chance, I find your site through LYCOS. Your site reminds me the memory in St. Petersberg which I have forgotten. Thanks a lot.

Date of the visit is Sun Jun 28 05:05:52 1998 Comments:
Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area! US Navy Destroyers 1966-70.