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У 1 НБС!!!

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Wonderful! I can only hope that this site remains up long enough after the end of the 3000th celebrations that I may have a chance to further explore it when I have a chance to get myself an internet accout on my own.

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Date of the visit is Sat May 9 06:43:02 1998 Comments:
Gentlemen, I was in the US Navy from 1964 through 1972 serving aboard Nuclear submarines. I spent some time off your coasts and ships. i congradulate you on your anniversery. I wish each of you and your country much luck in the coming years. Since the "Cold War" is no over, I wish deeply that we in the USA and yours in the USSR can become one as brothers in the world. Both countries have formidible submarine fleets still in service. I wish that we can learn from each other. What we did to your Sub fleet and what you did to our sub fleet is nothing short of things that are written in science fiction. But we know that they really did happen and the was no nuclear conflagration as a result. Sincerely Ken Loncar we can

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Фирма CAD-FEM GmbH предлагает Вашему вниманию список программного обеспечения, распространяемого фирмой CAD-FEM GmbH на территории СНГ. ANSYS (ANSYS,Inc.) 1. Статический и динамический анализ конструкций с учетом геометрической и физической нелинейности, ползучести и пластичности. Анализ усталостных разрушений. 2. Задачи линейной и нелинейной устойчивости конструкций. 3. Решение стационарных и нестационарных задач теплофизики с учетом фазового перехода. 4. Задачи гидравлики и гидро-газодинамики, акустики, оптимизации. 5. Контактные задачи (2-D и 3-D), а также связанные задачи (например, взаимодействие жидкости с конструкцией). 6. Электромагнитные поля (в т.ч. высокочастотный анализ - до 10 ГГц). LS-DYNA3D (Livermore Software Technology Corporation) Высоконелинейные быстротекущие процессы и контактные задачи (например, удар автомобиля о преграду или столкновение двух автомобилей, задачи штамповки), сверхпластическое деформирование, разрушение и др. Более 100 математя

Date of the visit is Wed May 13 00:50:05 1998 Comments:
Excellent web site!! Really first class. Do you have any plans to add Admiral Gorshakov (spelling?) to your list of Russian Admirals? I know he served the Soviet as opposed to Russian navy, but he was the father of the modern Russian/Soviet navy (although, I don't know much about him as a person.). Larry Dietrich P.S. Petersburg is a wonderfully beautiful city. I had the pleasure of visiting it a few years ago.

Date of the visit is Wed May 13 17:17:07 1998 Comments:
Thank you for your web information ! I am a japanease girl, and studying Russian Religion. Especially The Skopotzy (circumcisers) who are Christians. Please let me see about it !

Date of the visit is Mon May 25 14:19:38 1998 Comments:
Пожалуста скажите мне. Можно ли заказать какие-то курсы по Инету , я хочу поступать в СПГТУ и хотел бы знать какие у них факультеты. Спасибо. Best Regards