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Date of the visit is Sat Oct 3 16:30:43 1998 Comments:
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Date of the visit is Sat Oct 3 23:40:58 1998 Comments:
Good site. The history section was very informative, with some pictures too! well done.

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Date of the visit is Wed Oct 14 14:19:45 1998 Comments:
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Date of the visit is Sun Oct 18 18:45:35 1998 Comments:
I'm looking forward to fully exploring this site. My sister-in-law is a translator of Russian and she has been to Leningrad/St. Petersberg several times. Heres hoping the USA and Russia won't drift apart.

Date of the visit is Tue Oct 20 17:02:32 1998 Comments:
K sozhaleniju, sredi russkikh admiralov ne nashel svoego rodicha Aleksandra Vasil'evicha von Nemitza, s avgusta 1917 komandovavshego Chernomorskim flotom, a s fevralja 1920 po dekabr' 1921 komandovavshego Morskimi silami Sovetskoy Respubliki. Moja doch Darja--ego pravnuchka (i prapravnuchka Anastasii Vrubel'-sestry khudozhnika Mikhaila Vrubelja). Razve o nem Vy ne znaete? S uvazheniem, Evgeniy Aleksandrovich Werthlieb 20 Oct. 1998 Bavaria

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Date of the visit is Thu Oct 22 07:10:34 1998 Comments:
I really enjoyed your information and thought that your net page was done very well. I am hoping that someone can provide me with more information on the Russian navy in asia during the years 1830-1910. I am also looking for a picture of the steamer Amerika that was in China during the 1860s hope to hear from someone with any of this information. Thanks

Date of the visit is Fri Oct 23 10:32:27 1998 Comments:
Absolutely excellent site for history of the Russian Navy Found out loads I was looking for Love the paintings We need more sites like this !

Date of the visit is Wed Oct 28 15:39:16 1998 Comments:
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Date of the visit is Sat Oct 31 00:04:50 1998 Comments:
Please E-mail back the address & E-mail to Leningradsky Institute Zeleznodaroznovo Transporta, faculty: vychislitelnye Machiny, The institute was on Moskovkyi Prospect, Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). I am looking for Mr. Sergeyi Abramov who completed Institute in June 1977. Spasiba -thanks.