Records for 1998 September

Date of the visit is Tue Sep 1 18:41:21 1998 Comments:
Wonderful site. I visited the Naval Museum at Vassilievskii Ostrov and wa

Date of the visit is Tue Sep 1 18:44:31 1998 Comments:
Excellent Site. I visited the Naval Museum in Vassilievskii Ostrov and found it very interesting. Your site fills in very many details. More coverage of the fleet post revolution would be much appreciated, as well as a photo of "Peter's Boat"!! A truly first class site, Thank you!

Date of the visit is Wed Sep 2 10:48:37 1998 Comments:
Bardzo sympatyczna strona. Duzo ciekawych informacji. Bede tu zagladal czesciej. Serdeczne pozdrowienia! Zbigniew Salamacha

Date of the visit is Wed Sep 2 17:20:53 1998 Comments:
I am very dissapointed by the way thre server operation is organized by RUSNet, in particular, the RTC server. Stop fighting with each other!!! I hope that by the time I arrive, you will have everything fixed. V. Lopota

Date of the visit is Thu Sep 3 21:05:55 1998 Comments:
A friend received a pin of Admiral (Dmitri) Sinyavin, and we wanted to learn more about who he was. I did a search on AltaVista and we found your site; we especially enjoyed the very well written "300 years of Russian naval history" and the pictures of the admirals. Now we're curious about why the admiral was disgraced, and what he did until he was called back into service in the mid 1820s. Must do more research!

Date of the visit is Fri Sep 25 16:38:44 1998 Comments:
О вебе - скажу умеренно. А вот хочу найти Соколову Наталию. Откликнись, Наташа !!! Я хочу тебя увидедеть, услышать. Напиши, пожалуйста, свой адрес.

Date of the visit is Mon Sep 28 19:24:28 1998 Comments:
Otmetka 8 (5-10)