Records for 1999 April

Date of the visit is Fri Apr 2 05:38:09 1999 Comments:
I mis all the work Peter the Great has done in the Netherlands to build his first fleet of navy ships, on yards near Zaandam and Amsterdam. Peter the Great lives here for some time to learn the skill of shipbuilding and warefare at sea. He manned his ships partly with Dutch, German and Russion crew. Mostly with Dutch captain an admirals. from the city of Kampen

Date of the visit is Wed Apr 7 01:36:57 1999 Comments:
Very good website. Enjoyed it very much.

Date of the visit is Tue Apr 13 16:56:03 1999 Comments:
iI am trying to get in touch with members of ship crew participating in the Armada in Rouen France so as to welcome them on a personnal basis.

Date of the visit is Tue Apr 13 19:53:11 1999 Comments:

Date of the visit is Tue Apr 13 19:56:19 1999 Comments: