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Date of the visit is Tue Feb 2 18:26:56 1999 Comments:
this page is the best page about russian navy i've ever seen , but unfortunetly not all ironships of the piriod till 1917 are presented (no pistures of ships from port artur and 1st pasific escadra ) and what about "salava " the most active russian ship duaring 1st world war and about chesma this name was given to this ship after it was bought after russian japanese war and it was a rusian ship captured duaring this war so its real name was rusian (donot remember now but i'll tell this later if i'll remember.

Date of the visit is Thu Feb 4 11:19:03 1999 Comments:
Хотелось бы почитать об условиях подключения (если таковые имеются).

Date of the visit is Sun Feb 7 01:06:40 1999 Comments:
Very nice but you should get some more about the russian subs. Eric and Hansi

Date of the visit is Mon Feb 8 06:37:29 1999 Comments:
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Date of the visit is Wed Feb 10 05:34:50 1999 Comments:
The website is very intersting. I've always been fond of Russian.

Date of the visit is Sat Feb 13 22:17:13 1999 Comments:
Excellent, excellent, excellent! Your site is one of the best, if not the best, site on the net. But what do you expect when you▓re talking about the greatest navy in the entire recorded history of the world!!!!

Date of the visit is Mon Feb 22 07:28:55 1999 Comments:
Dear Reader Please note our building appeal on our website. We are desperate for funds to finish building our school and church hall. Please also link our Parish/Diocese and Canberra community websites to your website pages, as you say, if appropriate. The following are the relevant pages (Parish in Russian) (Community with Parish link in Russian) (Diocese in English) Deacon Basil A Yakimov