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Date of the visit is Sun Jan 3 15:58:46 1999 Comments:
Happy New Year!!!!

Date of the visit is Mon Jan 4 06:53:39 1999 Comments:
Nice web offering. I am trying to find ways to bring the message of American Summer Camps to Russian speaking children. I have a camp in MNew Hampshire which has served many of these children. Information about our program may be found at

Date of the visit is Mon Jan 4 06:57:20 1999 Comments:
Is there anyone on this web who would know of the gymnastics accomplishments of Tatiana Godenko, well known gymnast in Russia in the early to mid 1980's ? I have lost contact with her. She worked at my summer camp in the United States for several summer seasons.

Date of the visit is Wed Jan 6 13:08:19 1999 Comments:
You have very good Veb-pages, but could you arrange better paging system, please? UB

Date of the visit is Thu Jan 14 21:44:16 1999 Comments:
I followed a link to read about the Battle of Sinop in the 1800's and found your excellent description. I was stationed in Sinop in 1968-69 with the US Army and have an interest in the area. Thank you for the interesting pages.

Date of the visit is Fri Jan 15 05:14:16 1999 Comments:
I found the web site very informative and well done. I scan for any navy sites I can find.Yours is up with the best of them.

Date of the visit is Tue Jan 19 11:54:26 1999 Comments:
Nice site indeed. I just disliked the fact Admiral's gallery don't count Adm. Rozdenstvenskij in the number. I think each person is able to carry a fleet of decades on the opposite edge of an hostile english rooled world id an hero. Ue didn't have the sollest chance to win the final battle, but he fought it with great ability without tactical errors.

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More detials. Event about you. Best regards