Records for 1999 July

Date of the visit is Thu Jul 1 08:13:12 1999 Comments:
I am glad we finally have a site like this. Great overall design but quite poor graphics and contents. Black and white pics (in .jpg format!) is dull stuff. Poor info on ships, you could get a lot of much more detailed info in any foreign magazine. Still keeping the secrets? Regards, Alex

Date of the visit is Fri Jul 9 07:40:20 1999 Comments:
I read a chapter in your History of the Russian Navy about the Russo-Japanese War, specifically the Battle at Port Arthur. It might interest you to know that I have a personal connection to the Officers and Sailors of the cruiser VA RYAG. As a young boy in Philadelphia, my family attended St. Andrew's Russian Orthodox Cathedral. The founding of that church was, in part, the result of the construction of the VARYAG at Cramp's Shipyard in Philadelphia. The officers and crew attended St. An drew's. Photographs of them still exist in the basement of the church. Behind the iconostasis are very special gifts left by the men of VARYAG. Several large icons were presented by the crew to the church members. These were from the chapel on board ship. They hang there still.

Date of the visit is Sun Jul 11 22:45:02 1999 Comments:
Would like to receive e-mail address for the maritime museum in St. Petersburg. Thank you, thad koza

Date of the visit is Wed Jul 14 01:47:55 1999 Comments:
An impressive site and somewhere that has caused me to lose an hour of my life looking around and reading :)

Date of the visit is Fri Jul 16 13:00:16 1999 Comments:
I do not to find the adress of Leningrad Shipbuilding Institut. Help me!

Date of the visit is Thu Jul 22 07:07:30 1999 Comments:
Very good

Date of the visit is Sat Jul 24 00:41:29 1999 Comments:
enjoyed the site i will return agen

Date of the visit is Mon Jul 26 13:48:45 1999 Comments:
your web site is very good, but I can't find what I want, I want get some photo about 19th century russia peasants and workers, in contrast with them is the life of the russian nobilities. if you have these photo, please let me know. thank you very much.

Date of the visit is Mon Jul 26 21:46:33 1999 Comments:
Great site. I was lucky enough tot visit Sint Petersburg in 1995 and visit- amoung other attractions- the maritime museum. Unfortunately 'Aurora'was closed to the public at the time. I do hope to return oce again.

Date of the visit is Tue Jul 27 15:30:49 1999 Comments:
Most interesting, I think I shall visit this site regularly! The latest Anime News from Tokyo to You!