Records for 1999 March

Date of the visit is Tue Mar 2 03:14:21 1999 Comments:
Bravo. Enjoyed it. Do you have any information on the Russian Navy during the Russian colonization of the North American west coast. Also, any stories about Russian sailors whop help out during times of diasters such as the Russian sailors who lost there lives at the turn of the 20th century in San Fransico's earthquake? Also, any information on the Pacific Fleet's Navy Chorus that sings those beautiful Russian songs? I'm sorry i don't recall the name at the present--but I recall their voices. Thank you. Tczardtnov (a.k.a. Paul Sullivan)

Date of the visit is Tue Mar 2 05:31:49 1999 Comments:
Impressive Website! I enjoyed very much visiting you country in 1997.

Date of the visit is Wed Mar 3 04:22:50 1999 Comments:
I like your page about the Russian Imperial Navy. I would like to get some information about the imperial battleship ASKOLD (five funnels). I have a 1:1250 model of this impressive ship and a need historical data e.g., date of construction, life span, and so on.

Date of the visit is Sun Mar 7 00:50:47 1999 Comments:
Yo Dudes! Bonjour! Sorry to impose on your hospitality again. However, I forgot to mention that I have completed a piano concert of traditional Russian music or variing lenghts and degrees. Most of the music inpired by Russian Olympians, Russian history and Russian places. The crowing piece in the program is a piece with several movements I have titled the "Hermitage". It is my hopes that some day I can go to Russian and present it to the Russian people. Until then am looking for any audience that will listen. Anyone reading this is invited to contact me with any ideas or suggestions. I'm a musician---not a promoter. Merci.

Date of the visit is Thu Mar 11 13:56:17 1999 Comments:
Игрь если ты увидишь это сообщение,то дай мне знать.

Date of the visit is Thu Mar 11 20:02:33 1999 Comments:
Wuerde mich ueber einen deutschen Kontakt sehr freuen.

Date of the visit is Fri Mar 12 19:18:53 1999 Comments:
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Date of the visit is Sun Mar 21 03:10:31 1999 Comments:
It╢s one of the best i╢ve ever seen. Continue the good work.

Date of the visit is Tue Mar 23 14:50:59 1999 Comments:
Excellent!!! But not yet finished ?... :-(

Date of the visit is Thu Mar 25 13:20:32 1999 Comments:
I think, this www-page is EXCELLENT yet! Ich freue mich sehr, endlich Bilder zu sehen uber die Shiffen der Krivak, Kashin, Kirov, VictorIII klassen. Ich hoffe, das diese Photo-Album erweitert sich in der Zukunft. gratulations!

Date of the visit is Fri Mar 26 14:32:39 1999 Comments:

Date of the visit is Mon Mar 29 14:58:52 1999 Comments:
Highly interesting, lots of information not otherwise available. Proposition #1: Include on the title pages bibliographical information, i.e. about who is the author(s), who is the publishers, where, when and lots of such that librarians like to see. Proposition #2: Also present articles about uniforming, organization, staffing, arming and the like of the russian navy. Proposition #3: Include information about numbers and powers of ships in a tabular form, so that power can be studied in detail. Best greetings, "do zvidainija" (don't have cyrillic letters on my PC)