Records for 1999 September

Date of the visit is Thu Sep 2 23:53:31 1999 Comments:
A very revarding visit as I found some information on the admirals Boutakov mentioned here. If anyone knows more of them, or could pass adress/E-mail to the maritime museum in St. Petersburg please let me know. Best regards.

Date of the visit is Tue Sep 7 01:23:19 1999 Comments:
Very impressive site. I plan on visiting it again.

Date of the visit is Sat Sep 11 12:28:44 1999 Comments:
How glad I am that I found your site. I am impressed. Incidentally my internet name is after Admiral Jellicoe's Grand Fleet flagship HMS Iron Duke, itself named after the Duke of Wellington. If anyone who is interested in naval history would like a pen friend "down under" call me back. My main interest is in WW I command at sea with flag & light signals, and battleships of all ages, but I'll talk about any sort of ships.

Date of the visit is Sun Sep 19 01:40:47 1999 Comments:
This is my first visit.

Date of the visit is Mon Sep 20 15:25:37 1999 Comments:
I did not look at yet

Date of the visit is Mon Sep 20 22:56:56 1999 Comments:
It´s a fine site. But I miss a contactpoint. I am interested in old ships, and last May I was in Kaliningrad and saw two old Russian tugs. Their name were MB 86 and Takelazjnik. I cant get information about these ships. Perhaps You can help me. Please send me their data and history. Thank You Jan Vidal

Date of the visit is Wed Sep 22 02:53:47 1999 Comments:
Very interesting. It needs a map in detail of the city center also a map of the general city surroundings. It should also be brought up to date for 1999 and 2000.

Date of the visit is Thu Sep 23 01:35:30 1999 Comments:
Thank you very much for posting so much interesting and informative material on the Russian Navy. It proved very beneficial during my research to develop interview questions for Admiral Kuroyedov for publication in our December 1999 issue of "Sea Power" magazine, the official monthly publication of the Navy League of the United States. Sincerely, Gordon I. Peterson, senior editor

Date of the visit is Thu Sep 23 14:22:30 1999 Comments:
it is wery well