Monster list of Russian WWW Sites

Monster list of Russian WWW Sites contains a list of all the Russian WWW servers and their headers. This is an automatically built list and I am not sure all the information is helpful. For example, you can find several servers which have no title. It means that either a connection was too slow during the search or it is another service running at the host you see.

During the last search 14901 original WWW servers of about 203169 IP connections were found (excluding canonical names and multiple IP addresses). The russian network grows!!! ...Huge network, huge errors ;)
I am not sure this list is up to date, because (I think) Russia is a very unstable country (more unstable than Linux's development kernels :-) and many of servers the Monster has found might be down (possibly dropped off the table :-) or many new servers started running after the last search...
Note: this list contains only a few resources of .net .com, etc... domains.
If you are running a WWW service within Russia and cannot find the reference to your server here please drop me a line!!!

Dear sysadmins! If you want to complain I've tried to review your net please read this beginner's guide for sysadmins (koi8-r) :) :) :) :)

Well, nothing more.
Last update: 02/07/98
Some comments in Russian (koi8)

If you want to have a mirror of this list, you do not need to download all 50 pages. Just download mlist.gz - this is a full list of all sites. (gzipped file ~438K)
You can perform a search for several patterns, separated by space.
(If you enter wild site it will find all sites containing wild or site. If you enter "wild site" it will find only sites contain wild site. The search is case insensitive.)

Enter query string:

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This page is awarded by N.Zh.M.D. :)

All questions please mail to
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By the way... I do not want to perform a search within all the listed servers. I have a program which does it... But I have found a very interesting algorithm to extract keywords from a page. This algorithm is based on a military method of decryption. If you are interested please mail me. We'll try to write out some code :)

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